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A burst of fresh & natural spearmint flavor packed with preventative oral protection in a convenient easy to carry spray bottle. Keep all of your oral appliances clean with our great tasting, peroxide free spray. Just one pump of Smile Saver™ Spray works in 60 seconds to clean retainers, Invisalign clear aligners, night guards, mouth guards, and dentures. It even works on toothbrushes, head gear and sleep apnea components!  It is the only fast-acting, on-the-go, great tasting oral device cleaning spray on the market today.


  • No Sugar
  • No Alcohol
  • No Peroxide
  • No Rinsing
  • No Brushing
  • No Spitting


There is now no reason to be wearing clear aligners or mouth guards that have foul odors, taste terrible, are ridden with potentially harmful bacteria and can cause bad breath. You have the convenience of Smile Saver™ while on-the-go, anytime or anyplace.  No rinsing required. 

A single one ounce bottle of this spray gives you 30 days of preventative oral protection (when used as recommended).




Spray devices as often as desired to eliminate odors and bad taste.


  • Remove the oral device from the mouth.
  • Thoroughly spray all sides of the device.
  • Wait up to 60 seconds, and then re-insert the device in the mouth for its intended purpose, no rinsing necessary.


Use the product only as directed.
Keep product at ambient conditions in a clean, dry place, where it is always ready for use.



  • If you are purchasing this product only please add at least UPS ground shipping option to your order. 

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