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THIS PRODUCT IS FOR RECENT EXISITING PAST CUSTOMERS OR IF YOU WANT TO SEND US YOUR OWN STONE MOLD. If you have purchased a custom Armor Guard product from us in 2018 to present we have your stone mold on file and you can purchase replacement guards here without having to do another self made impression.  Once you view your cart please state any additional notes that we should be aware of in the " add a note " link regardining your mouth guard.  If you are ordering a replacement set ( upper & lower ) just add one additional guard to your order using the drop down menu and select the word one, and state that you are ordering a set using the " add a note " link while viewing your cart. Additional replacement guards added to your order are just $45 each using the drop down menu. Free First class Shipping is included. We do not offer or manufacture hard acrylic or thin clear plastic Invisalign guards. Our semi-hard and medium density material maybe used for a mouth guard style type retainer. As of 6-12-2022, replacement guards will no longer automatically be sent with a case. However if you need a case we are happy to send it with one but you must request one using the " add a note " link while viewing your cart. 


    • Get immediate relief from facial and jaw pain, headaches, and tooth sensitivity with our medium density material. Sleep better and feel better.
    • Your choice of three materials to choose from. Our soft flexible clear material is for light to moderate grinders or clentchers with no symptoms. Our medium density flexible material is a more durable with a slightly harder feel and it is cloudy in color. It is designed to relieve moderate TMJ symptoms. Our semi-hard material is our most durable guard and is cloudy in color. It is designed for moderate to heavy users that have multiple TMJ symptoms. 
    • We do not manufacture a hard acrylic or an Invisalign clear plastic material. 
    • Our medium density and Semi-hard material maybe used for a mouth guard style type retainer.
    • BPA Free, Latex Free, Silicone Free, Allergy friendly and FDA approved materials.         
    • Exactly like the dentist. 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Superior Fit- Maximum Breathability and Comfort
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