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NOW WITH OVER 40 YEARS OF DENTAL LAB EXPERIENCE. We have three flexible materials to choose from. First is our soft clear flexible material shown above and its perfect for light to moderate grinders and clinchers without symptoms. Our second flexible material that is our medium density material and it is cloudy in color. This material is a little more durable and firm. It is recommended for moderate users. Our third flexible material is our semi-hard material and is shown with the Pro-form logo on it. The semi-hard material is recommended for moderate to heavey users with multiple TMJ symptoms. Once you receive your impression kit you will use the included order form to select your choice of material and thickness ( 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5 or 4mm ) Additional back up guards added to your order are just 45 dollars each without a case. We do have additional cases avilable for $5 each that you can add to your order. We do not offer or manufature rock hard acrylic guards or the thin clear plastic Invisalign.Our medium density and semi-hard material may also be used for a mouth guard style type retainer. All new orders include one case. 


    • Get immediate relief from facial and jaw pain, headaches, and tooth sensitivity with our medium density flexible material. Sleep better and feel better.
    • Your choice of three materials to choose from. Our soft flexible clear material is for light to moderate grinders or clentchers with no symptoms. Our medium density flexible material is a more durable with a slightly harder feel and it is cloudy in color. It is designed to relieve moderate TMJ symptoms. Our semi-hard material is our most durable guard and is cloudy in color. It is designed for moderate to heavy users that have multiple TMJ symptoms. 
    • Your choice of thickness. ( 2mm for light, 2.5 for moderate or 3mm, 3.5 or 4mm for heavier grinding or clinching )
    • We do not offer hard acrylic or an Invisalign thin clear plastic material.
    • Medium density and Semi-hard material maybe used for a mouth guard style type retainer.
    • Prevents against teeth breakage, cracking and damage.
    • Helps prevent pain or tenderness of the temporomandibular joints.
    • Protects crowns, veeners and dental work.
    • Prevents disrupted sleep patterns
    • BPA Free, Latex Free, Silicone Free, Allergy friendly and FDA approved materials.         
    • 100% manufacture defective guarantee.
    • Easy to use do-it-yourself impression kit ships within one business day after your purchase.
    • Superior fit, proper jaw support, maximum breathability, comfort and protection.
    • Includes one free case
    • ALL SHIPPING IS INCLUDED ( USA ONLY ) Canada customers will pay to return impression to us but we pay for first and last shipments. 
    • Pro-form logo on guard is for display purposes only. Not used in final product. 
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