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What materials and thickness do we manufacture for all of our mouth guards ?

We do NOT manufacture rock hard uncomfortable acrylic material mouth guards. Our first material of your choice that we manufacture is our soft clear material which is great for light to moderate grinding and or clinching with no additional symptoms. Our second material of your choice is our medium density material, a little cloudy in color which is designed for moderate grinding and or clinching. This material is preferred if you have moderate symptoms like headaches, soreness in the jaw muscles and issues with your neck , jaw or ears. Our medium density material is a little flexible by design but it is a slightly more durable with a slightly harder feel when you are biting down on the guard. Our third and most durable material is our semi-hard, also cloudy in color and it is design for heavy grinders or clenchers with multiple TMJ symptoms. As long as you are not an extreme grinder and or clincher, using our medium density or semi-hard material should relieve your TMJ symptoms from grinding and or clinching.  These three materials are offered in your choice of thickness at no additional charge from 2mm, 2.5mm,  3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm thickness. 

What is the direct link for the YouTube instructional video on how to make a self made impression?

You may copy and paste the address below into your browser or just click on the link below to view
the video.

Can I send you a stone mold that I have from the dentist or another company to make me a replacement mouth guard ?

Yes, you may use a stone mold you have and we can make you any kind of mouth guard. Just give our customer support a call to place your phone order. We will be happy to keep your stone mold on file or send it back to you with your customized mouth guard.

What is Bruxism ( teeth grinding or clenching ) ?

Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching. Bruxism is a common problem and effects 8–31% of the general population. The most common symptoms associated with bruxism are hypersensitive teeth, aching jaw muscles, headaches, tooth wear, damage to crowns, fillings and to teeth. The causes of bruxism are not completely understood but daily stress seems to be a big contributor with clenching. Recent studies show a direct link between teeth grinding and sleep apnea.

How do you properly take care of your Armor Guard Pro-form mouth guards ?

We now recommend our new product SMILESAVER CLEANING & FRESHNING SPRAY | MOUTH GUARD & RETAINER CLEANER now being sold directly here on our website. Very fast, easy and convenient to use, anytime and anywhere.  Add to any order for free shipping. You may also use a liquid antibacterial soap with a brush for 45 seconds after use, rinse and completely dry before storing. You may also use a 1 to 1 part water an hydrogen peroxide solution to soak your guard for about 10 minutes. Brush, rinse and dry. 

Are Armor Guard products the same as professional dentist sell that charge $400 or more ?

Yes, our Armor Guard products are the exact same brand and products provided by many professional dentist but for a lot less money. Because you are buying direct from the manufacture Armor Guard and by passing the dentist, we are able to pass the savings on to you. 

Can Armor Guard athletic guards be used as a Day or Night Guard ?

Yes, they can also be used as a day and night guard depending on your condition.

Why is a generic store bought Boil n' Bite mouth guard inferior to our custom made mouth guards ?

A Boil n' Bite mouth guard is NOT a custom fit mouth guard so it is usually to big or to small. Having a custom fit mouth guard is crucial for proper protection. An athlete may actually sustain more injuries by using a improperly fit Boil n' Bite mouth guard. Boil n' Bites interfere with proper breathing which can lead to about 25% less oxygen intake which means your athletic performance is compromised. Athletes can not communicate clearly with a Boil n' Bite mouth guard. With our Pro-form brand custom mouth guards you can speak clearly and even drink while wearing one. Store bought Boil & Bites are not durable nor comfortable. Athletes generally use three boil & bite products per season in each sport they play. One Armor Guard may last you up to two years or more, thus saving you a lot of money.

How does our custom process work ? 

Our custom mouth guards are an easy three step process. We first send you a self impression kit that allows you to easily make your own impressions at home. The impression kit contains mouth guard trays, impression putty materials, detailed instructions and a video instructional link, customized order form where you select your custom options and a pre-addressed shipping envelope to return your newly made impression back to Armor Guard's manufacturing facility. Once we receive your impression we will  manufacture your custom mouth guards and ship it back to you including a case. We provide FREE SHIPPING  for all USA customers.

Why Pro-form is the # 1 brand custom mouth guard professionals sell and manufacture ?

The Pro-form brand has long been considered the leader in custom mouth guards. They provide the highest level of protection, retention, comfort and fit without hindering speech, breathing and most of all athletic performance. Our custom-fit mouth guard  goes above and beyond typical boil-and-bite store bought guards because of its superior fit and retention. Our custom mouth guards are thin and comfortable enough while still maintaining shape and protection long after other boil and bite over the counter mouth guards have worn out. 
Our Armor Guard Pro-form custom-made mouth guards are proven to reduce the incidence of tooth breakage by properly distributing the stress of a hard impact, grinding and clentching to the entire length of the tooth. Our mouth guards maintains its form because of the heat and pressure laminating process. The tensile strength is excellent due to the two layers of laminate while the density is maintained during the pressure laminated process for controlled, uniformed shape. The risk of injuries is lessened by about 90% when wearing a our custom-made mouth guards.

What is Armor Guard's guarantee ?

Armor Guard's warranty your products 100% from manufacture defects. We will also assist you to help make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Armor Guard custom made purchase. We are here for our customers before, during and after you receive our products. You may contact our customer support team at 239.908.8505 Mon - Fri from 10am to 6pm eastern time.

What is Armor Guard's Shipping Policy & Procedure ? 

There are a total of there shipments using USPS Priority and free first class service from the USPS. After you place an order your impression kit is shipped within one to two business days and will arrive to you from one to five business days depending on your location. Once you make your self impression and mail it back to us using the provided

pre-paid envelope it will arrive to our manufacturing facility within one to five business days depending on your location. Once we receive your self made impression we may contact you if we have any questions or concerns about your order. We than manufacture your custom made mouth guard. Once your order had shipped you will receive an email shipping confirmation including a tracking number. Your order will arrive to you with in one to five business days depending on your location. Our manufacturing facility is located in southwest Florida.

What is our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service ?

Click on the link below to view.

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